Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pick 5 and Only 5

If you could only own 5 guns what would they be? Here are mine:

.22 rimfire rifle – the 10/22 is my favorite
.40 S&W pistol - for conceal carry and bedside. I’ll take a Polymer framed Kahr.
.223 – an AR-15, accuracy and firepower
30-06 – bolt action, scoped, a Ruger 77 or Remington 700.
20 Gauge - Model 870 – I have to admit I struggled with this one.

I live in Virginia, so that means deer, turkey, coyote, small game and birds. Also need to protect the homestead and the AR & .40 can take care of that nicely.

What do you say?


Monday, April 13, 2009

Talk'n Turkey

Let’s talk turkey. It’s Spring Gobbler season. What advice do you have for first time hunters? Is a .22 Hornet too much gun? What pellet size works best in your shotgun for Toms? Ground blind or tree stand? Got any turkey cleaning tips?