Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Defend the Homestead

I think I'm pretty prepared but a recent power outage combined with a gang shooting not far from the house had me thinking. I had access to my Berretta M9 with 15 loaded and 2 back up mags with 15 each. But my Mini 14 and AR 15 were not battle ready. So give me your thoughts on loaded mags, sheltering in place during a power outage, food and water storage. Let's talk survival. Is 50 rounds ready to fire enough? How much water do you store (25 gallons for me)?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Story Wins!

Best story wins a copy of Karl Von Clausewitz book; War, Politics and Power.

Winner announced Thursday morning.

This is a true story and the luckiest I shot ever made.

I was starling hunting with my .22. Shot the bird on the limb I was aiming at and hit a starling that was on a tall limb on another tree behind the one I shot. A flock of sparrows was flying by and I hit one with the same bullet. Got 3 varmints with one shot from a .22. I even have a witness. (and yes all were legally varmints)