Thursday, June 4, 2009

Best Story Wins!

Best story wins a copy of Karl Von Clausewitz book; War, Politics and Power.

Winner announced Thursday morning.

This is a true story and the luckiest I shot ever made.

I was starling hunting with my .22. Shot the bird on the limb I was aiming at and hit a starling that was on a tall limb on another tree behind the one I shot. A flock of sparrows was flying by and I hit one with the same bullet. Got 3 varmints with one shot from a .22. I even have a witness. (and yes all were legally varmints)


  1. Me and my buddy Macker were pulling butts in the pit on Parris Island. (in case you don't know that means scoring targets at the range) And Macker says 'Ouch, Damn it' a 5.56mm bullet hit him in the shoulder at 500 yards after it accidently ricocheted through a wooden support.

    Didn't even break the skin. Except I really don't remember if it was 300 or 500 yards but a true story.

  2. When I was a kid, I was out in my backyard with my Sheridan 5mm air rifle. I spotted a Blue Jay sitting high up on a tree branch, a good 200 feet away. I fired and the bird promptly fell off its perch, hitting a crotch in the tree on the way down.

    On close examination, I realized I had actually missed the bird -- no entry wound was found. The shot had startled the jaybird, causing it to fall out of the tree and break its neck on the way down.

    True story! My friend Dave was with me.

  3. Daniel,

    I had a Sheridan when I as a kid and made what might be the longest shot on a crow I have ever had. I held a good 5 feet over the bird. Pulled the trigger and it dropped without a flutter.

    Mike at Human Events

  4. I had a dream that terrorists captured the children of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuckie Schumer, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein. A week later, they caught an informant and sent him to Gitmo. When our leaders became aware of his capture, there was a huge fight amoung our leaders as to who would be the first to waterboard him, squeeze his testicles in a vice and then beat the living crap out of him until he talked. Our leaders then surprized us all by joining the NRA!

  5. A buddy and I were hunting rabbits along some old railroad tracks in the middle of nowhere NW Iowa. I had just loaded in the 10 round box magazine to my Ruger 10-22 and shouldered it. I picked up a rock and threw it into the brush nearby. A rabbit came flying out and ran alongside one of the rails. I chased it with all ten rounds kicking up the rocks behind it. Finally the rabbit just stopped about 10 seconds after I fired my last round.
    We found it lying almost dead. I finished it off with a quick butt stroke to the head. Upon dressing it down, I found I had run 3 of the rounds, presumably by richochet, right though its hind end. Talk about a deadly enema!

  6. Booked a bear hunting/fishing trip and took my father, for the fishing. First day I made a deal with God, that if I got my bear that day, I would spend the rest of the week with my father on the lake. I was in the woods 4 hours when I shot my bear at 26 yards with my S&W 500 Magnum. Spent the rest of the week with my father, fishing and exploring Maine.

  7. I was in my back yard, blowing the dust out of the barrel of my .380. I thought I'd see if the rounds were powerful enough to break a 3-hole brick at 21 feet. I heard the ricochet hit something 25 yards behind me. I checked the brick out, minor impact damage. The ricochet must have missed my head by inches. I learned a new respect for my firearm and its "capabilities".

  8. Years ago when I lived in an apartment, for some reason, I woke up late at night to use the bathroom. When I returned to my bed I noticed something hanging from the third floor apartment ... it was sheets tied together.

    I grabbed my .357 and waited for the burglar to come down the makeshift get away. The person had on combat boots and fatigues, that I was able to notice first. Then just as I was about to place the handgun in the would be thiefs face, I realized it was an attractive young lady.

    I jumped behind the curtains because at the time. I didn't sleep in anything. She immediately dropped to the ground when she saw the gun.Another attractive accomplice dropped to the ground also,right behind her.

    I grabbed my pants and phone in that order, and called the police to tell them what had just happened.The police responded and caught the culprits.

    It seems as though, the neighbor upstairs picked up the two girls, the day before hitch hiking.Her husband was a truck driver and was out of town. While she was sleeping they piled jewlery,siver and other valuables in the living room, to make good their escape. As the husband came home early, and was placing the key into the door,they tried to make good on their exit, out of a second bedroom window,when I thwarted their departure.

    Just the sight of a gun,caused the would be, bungling burglars, to run straight into the arms of the law.

    Didn't have to fire a shot!

  9. I had a similar dream. The Taliban captured Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Feinstein, Schumer & Boxer. Within one week the following message was received in DC. If the United States will just take back our captured POWs (Pelosi, Reid, Schumer et al) you may keep Gitmo & the Arab world will supply you with oil free of charge for 10 years.

  10. My brothers pregnant wife asked if she could accompany him on the yearly deer hunt. My brother found a stand and they settled in with his wife crocheting. The relatives and the folks
    came up through the brush (western Oregon so not easy going) driving any animals into the pinch where my brother was. A big mule buck came out about 20 yards from the stand,stopped, and stood broadside to the stand. My brother took aim and just as he pulled the trigger his wife jumped up and screamed "run Bambi run" while crying uncontrollably. It was nip and tuck whether the family let her ride in the jeep the 8 miles back to camp.
    This is absolutley a true story.

  11. My younger brother (12) and I went hunting and after a day of hunting facing going home empty handed I spotted a skunk. I motioned to my brother to get him. Mike raised his shotgun and fired hitting the skunk in its rear end.
    His first kill. I told him he had to skin it. So, being the proud hunter, he knelt down and with his trusty knife started to skin when the odor caught him and he threw up. I almost threw up my self from his reaction but, was laughing so hard I could hardly see.
    Needless to say it cost me a pair of boots that stunk like skunk...

  12. When I was 16 my dad allowed me to buy a Hi-Standard Sentinel 9-shot 22 cal revolver with a 6-inch barrel. One day out in the pasture with my brother, I flushed a jack rabbit who ran about a 100 yards and hid behind a soapweed. I could still see his ears sticking up, so I took a quick shot just to scare him. He jumped in the air and I thought that he probably ran another 100 yards. When my brother and I reached the soapweed, the rabbit was dead--my lucky shot had put a bullet in his head. Later in the year, my brother shot himself in the leg doing the fast draw--despite having been told repeatedly not to try the fast draw--and my dad made me sell the pistol.

  13. Last spring I heard my two big ole dogs, Bert and Ringo, boil out of the garage and disappear into a very dark night. I picked up my .38 Special loaded with ratshot, and grabbed a spotlight to check it out, but since I couldn't hear or see anything I decided to walk out to turn the drip hose off of a tree about 50 yards from my house. I put the pistol down in order to turn the faucet off, and right then I heard the clatter of many little feet coming my way. I grabbed the gun while swinging the light in the direction of the noise, and saw my dog, Ringo, running for his life from a pack of javalina hogs. He was coming to Mama for help, I guess. Well, I fired off a couple of shots over Ringo's head, hoping to sting a javalina or two, and that was enough to divert them, including Ringo, around me and into the woods. Ringo came back, unscathed, and that was the last I saw of the pack of javalinas until the next morning........
    (This is too long already, so will leave the "Rest of the Story" for another time.)


  14. I continue to be amazed by people who claim that the 2nd Amendment GIVES them the RIGHT to own and bear arms. I cannot count the number of times I've read that amendment and I have yet to find where it GIVES anyone anything. "The right of the people..." simply acknowledges an EXISTING RIGHT and provides PROTECTION to the effect that that RIGHT cannot have any Federal strings attached to it (infringed).

    The right to self defense is absolute. Whether one employes firearms, bow and arrows, clubs, rocks or heavy ashtrays, everyone has the RIGHT to not be a victim.

    Luke 22:36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    The sword (of which Peter said they already had two) is generally thought to be the "Roman short sword" the blade length varied from 18" - 22" in length and was virtually useless for anything except close range self defense [state of the art in it's day] today the handgun is the primary, state of the art, for close range self defense.

    It should not be out of line to claim that we believers have a Scriptural command to carry a handgun for purposes of self defense. Which the requirement for any Federal restriction is automatically invalid.

  15. As an outside salesman traveling around northern California, I had occasion to run into unsavory characters around my company car or find myself in remote areas or in questionable circumstances
    from time to time. So I had taken to keeping a loaded Mark IV 22 semiautomatic with me in the car. One day, as I was driving in an industrial area, I reached down to pick up the gun from the driver's side floor to transfer it to some other spot in the car. Don't remember why...maybe going over rough RR tracks was causing it to bounce around a little too much for my liking.
    Anyway, as I went to set it on the front seat beside me...BLAM! It went off, startling the shit out of me... blue smoke and smell of cordite filled the car. Stupidly, I had grasped
    the handgun with my finger on the trigger in an
    innattentive moment and that was all that was needed for it to go off. My heart was racing...I pulled over to check for damage. Found a small hole in the dash just under the heater/AC controls and a small hole in the engine fire wall but, fortunately, that was all. Never found the 22 round or any other damage to the engine. I was VERY lucky something worse didn't happen. I realized that
    even though I was ex-military medic with plenty of experience with 45 Cal autos and other firearms, mistakes can and WILL happen if one isn't focused in and paying attention to what they're doing around firearms. Be careful out there with your 2nd Amendment rights!

  16. I agree with the one that said " it is not about the thrill of killing a animal, birds and skunks ".
    I have it for just in case. It has never been fired and probably will never be. Guns are not toys to to blow birds out of trees, just for the fun of it. Hand guns are for protection only.
    The crook and the one that is determined to hurt someone will always be able to fined a gun or whatever to hurt someone.
    Takeing our protection rights away is not going to stop the criminal.

  17. SIDNEY H. KOSANNJune 5, 2009 at 12:27 PM


  18. The Last Hunt
    C. Wayne Lammers

    The Autumn leaves are a little brighter somehow as I look at them through the eyes of an old man. The first frost of Winter snaps my mind back to hunting trips long gone, but not forgotten. The smell of woodsmoke transports me to a gentle place in my mind where I can remember the sound of raindrops on tent canvas and smell coffee perking on an open fire.

    Soon I will rejoin my mentors, my hunting and fishing friends – and what a reunion it will be.

    Let’s see, Uncle Robert will be there. He stormed the beaches of Iwo Jima, you know. I still remember him helping me gut and skin my first deer. And Uncle Eury was the tallest short man I have ever known. I could never forget Uncle Rudy. He helped teach me how to be a man. And Uncle Bob and Uncle Ed always gave me giants to look up too. Perhaps Uncle Chuck was the toughest of them all. These uncles took the place of a missing father when I was a kid and brought me a lifetime of love for field and stream.

    Soon, very soon now, there will be some great hunting and story-telling when we all get together again; maybe even a new gun to try out.

    If I close my eyes I can almost smell coffee perking on a camp fire . . .

  19. It seems the fallacy of the Government's arguement is they seem to think the forefathers meant only long guns(rifles), yet they continue to allow the manufacturing of pistols or sidearms. What they forgot to intake was that citizens are the government's boss. I've never seen an employee treat the boss as the government treats the voting public and stay employed for long...maybe the revolt should be ours, America. Stop paying unnecessary taxes or any tax at all...because they are without representation...maybe we should get together as a nation and start providing private industry where the taxation has gone awry.

  20. How on earth did they come to the conclusion that the 2nd amendment only applies to the federal government? Does that mean that the rest of the bill of rights also only applies to the federals?
    Am I wrong? The Supreme Court can only rule on DC?

    Arthur Wise

  21. A great rabbit hunting friend of mine was infamous for missing almost any rabbit. He joined the Navy and when he came home on leave he brought a Browning semi automatic 12 gauge shotgun which he had purchased in the PX. It was a beauty and he was anxious to try it out , so him and his brother and I went out the next morning with their 2 Beagles. We went to one of our choice hunting areas and let the dogs loose and separated to watch for rabbits. We had been out there for about a half hour and his brother came along and asked if I had seen Ken and I answered no , and just about then the dogs started their howling so we got ready as it sounded as if they were headed toward us. All of a sudden we heard bang...........bang , bang .bang
    " run you SOB I've got more shells" We almost died laughing.

  22. When I teach my Concealed Carry course I use an event from my childhood to reinforce the safety lessons. When I was about eight years old one night I went to the bathroom in the second story of our home to get a drink of water. As I was reaching for the faucet I heard a large boom, I fell back from the stool on which I was standing and landed against the wall. I started crying and my parents came running up to see what had happened in the bathroom. My dad had been drinking and wanted to show his new rifle to a friend. It was a pump action rifle and he was unfamiliar with the slide release so he simply pulled the trigger to release the slide. Unfortunately there was a round in the chamber and the rifle performed as designed as did the ammunition. The round went through the kitchen cieling into the bathroom where I was standing. When I told my mom what had happened to me she asked me where I had been standing. I set up the stool and showed her and she said it was impossible; there in the sink where I had been standing was a quarter sized hole from the 30-06 round. There was shrapnel from the cast iron sink all over the place, I didn't have a scratch on me. I belive in miracles, God loves me. I don't know why He spared me that night, perhaps just so I could share this with you, and give you pause the next time you handle a firearm.

  23. It was in the 50's and we lived on a small farm in the midwest. My dad was a 3rd Marine Division World War II Veteran in the Pacific and he could shoot. It was a cold winter day and we were all indoors and a large crow landed in a tree about 175 yards from the house. I told my Dad about the crow and he bets me one silver dollar that he could shoot the crow out of the tree. Thinking that he would take the .22 Stevens outside to shoot the crow and possible scare it off, I bet him one of my prize silver dollars. He removed the rifle from the gun rack in his bedroom and loaded it inside the house with one round. He went in the living room with the rifle, at this time my mother and sisters we beginning to fuss about the loaded rifle, and carefully opened the window in our living room. He aimed the bore sighted Steven toward the crow and pulled the trigger. The crow fell from the tree to the ground and did not move. I ran outside to see the crow and found a hole in the head of the crow, a direct hit with open sights at 175 yards. I paid my Dad the silver dollar for the bet and would do it again if he was here on earth. Today my Dad is gone and I own the Steven and the silver dollar but I will always remember that shot with a Stevens .22 rifle.

  24. David A. has a good question. How is it that the Supreme Court can rule that our "civil rights" under the constitution cannot be taken away by any branch of local or state government, then exempt our constitutional right to "bear arms"?

    How is one part of our constitutional rights less important than another? This is another example of "selective enforcement" based on the political leanings of appointed judges.

    C. Ballard

  25. I have enjoyed collecting and shooting firearms for many years and have had some unusual happenings while hunting. I had just developed some hot hand loads for my Winchester 70 in 243 and was on a havalina hunt in central Arizona. I was stalking a small pack in a deep ravine and had selected a good sized boer which was about 75 yards away. Just as I pulled the trigger the pig jumped up and started to run as I squezed the tigger he cleared a small hillock and dissapeared. Damn I must have missed him so the chase is on. Just on the other side of the hill he laid sprawled on the rocky terrain belly split wide open and all his entrals pulled out on tne ground. My 243 hand load pushed a 75 grain hollow point at about 3200FPS and hit him on his breast bone and exploded cutting him open like a sharp knife. Cleanest kill and gutting I ever did.

  26. Last hunting season while hunting ducks in a tree lined bayou, two wood ducks got up to my left. As they reached the skyline i shot, and seconds after the pellets hit one of the ducks, a hawk grabbed it in mid air. Since the duck was only wounded it gave resistance to the hawk and the hawk released the duck. I did manage to get my duck but i sure wish i could have gotten all that on film.

  27. My friend Fred was hunting one day and was stepping over a barb wire fence when his gun accidently went off and he shot his big toe off of his right foot.
    I asked him a few days later about the incident and I said to him 'Hey Fred when you shot your toe off the other day did you call an ambulance or a tow truck'.


  29. My brother and I grew up watching Chuck Connors on "The Rifleman" and learned to shoot from the hip as he did--none of that "fancy" take careful aim and squeeze the trigger business. On his first "hunting" trip, five minutes before the deer season closed, that "blind as a bat" 15 year old shot the prize deer of West Virginia. But he's better known as the tall skinny kid at Army OCS who could shoot anything on a second's notice. The generals were astounded, and he was chosen to demonstrate his abilities and thus came the program "Quick Kill" for which he helped write the manual in the VietNam era. It's still in use. Some things just make sense. Hesitation doesn't get that deer, but it will get you death in war.

  30. In 1968, a friend and I were out shooting jackrabbits. Not to eat, just for the sport of it. I gave that up many years ago, as I matured and got wiser. Anyhow, we'd emptied our .22 rifles at a particularly large jack with neither of us hitting it after ten or more rounds. I drew my .45 Army Colt pistol, dropped to the ground and propped my elbows on my knees, and fired off a round at a distance of an estimated 125 yards. First round hit well below the motionless jack so I adjusted the elevation and fired again. That jack jumped four feet into the air. My buddy said he wouldn't have believed it except that he witnessed my shot.

    Mike in Arizona

  31. It was Friday the day before Deer and Elk season 2008. We rode 5 miles on horse back into Hunting camp (a beautiful big meadow) surprising a 6 point Bull and two Cows which promptly ran into the timber. It was a nice surprise confirming game in the area. That Bull didn't go far because we could hear him bugling that night. The next morning my two buddies told me to go get 'em this one's yours. I quietly zig zagged my way down the mountain following his call. Eventually I was able to cut him off as he was coming out of a drainage with his nose stuck to the ass end of the two cows. I paused, pulled up and shot about 100 yards. One shot right through the top of the heart. He stopped, went to his knee's and rolled over slowly. This was the biggest bull I'd ever seen in the wild. What's special about this is that it was my first Elk. Eric in Southern Colorado.

  32. We were shooting at a popular shooting site one day when I spotted a 5 gallon propane bottle on the side of the hill. I was shooting my 4570 with a 400 grain bullet at the time so I took a shot at it and hit it and it rolled up the hill a couple of feet and then roll a little back down. So I loaded 3 shells in the gun and shot it each time it stopped rolling up hill and rolled it about 10 feet up the hill. You don't want to get hit with one of these slugs, it'll rock your world.

  33. cant we line them up and take them out one at a time i will help and i know other people will too when are we going to take back this country?? its about time we cant wit much longer if you think so just stand by abd watch you will be left out mr

  34. While off duty and carrying my off duty revolver, I became embroiled in the middle of a robbery of a grocery store at 2:30A.M. I managed to maneuver my way up to the front of the store undetected, where I announced myself. Before the two gunmen had an opportunity to shoot, I fired and hit both. It proves that concealed carry and much practice pays off.

  35. The Supreme Court is suppossedly the highest court in the land deciding ALL questions concerning the law, the Constitution and differences between the States. It is the final word on any issue of law - except the 2nd Amendment because the Dems. have become so frightened of the citizens of the country after more than fifty years of taking away our Rights, Liiberties and money. With any other issue the federal circuit and district courts are rightly called "lower courts." Issues not settled in these courts are bucked up the line to a Supreme Court - not doing its job and holding a lottery to see what few cases it will even hear. By design it was supposed to hear all cases of law pertaining to the Constitution. Yet now when one political party does not like the ruling of the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land they claim the "lower courts" in all other issues can over-rule or ignore the highest court and invent law for themselves and their districts of the country. Can we say the words: criminal, illegal, unconstitutional and out of control over-reaching boys and girls? The Founding Fathers said to bare guns - that's all types of guns not just guns of a certain type or just to duck hunt with - were ours and that right was not to be infringed upon. The federal government has only infringed a little on this one Right to the tune of 20,000+ laws. Of these 20,000+ laws they enforce only a very few because they don't actually take our guns away from us. The Founding Fathers also said that our Right to keep arms was to protect ourselves from a tyrannical over-reaching government like the one we fought the Revolution against and the one we currently have.


  37. Safety issues:
    I had learned many safety features of shooting from my dad who encouraged water pistol or the airplastic popguns. Nothing else, including any kind of toys, was ever to be pointed at anyone ever. Even proper fence crossing was taught. We used NRA materials for targets and instructions. 60 years ago!!
    As a teen or early 20s, I was allowed to go out to see what made a dog bark. Some little relatives came out, also. I had several safety factors in effect, but shot at the small animal with shotgun slug very close in front of me. What a bad danger, I later realized.
    As an adult, I was in a room while my dad was showing a visiting couple his antique shotgun. They were behind my dad. I came into the room even with them, but then bent over forward at the same time that the "empty" gun went off. It was pointed to a ceiling at the corner. My dad said I was very close to the end of the gun! God was with us. Because my dad used several safety factors, the 2 errors did not cause death. God was with us and I really don't like guns very well, and am extremely careful to be behind anyone who is handling a gun for any reason and try to be VERY careful if I handle a gun.
    The last example refers to the "proud" story shots listed above, where 3 birds, etc, were hit by one bullet. My son was sure he was shooting a squirrel (who had been eating one of the ears of corn on his 10 plants) on a tree trunk with his BB gun. Well, the BB went straight through the thick sliding glass door of the neighbor's house across 2 grassy yards. We paid half the bill and his tiny allowance paid the rest. Apparently, no one was in the room when the BB went into it.

  38. Just think: If the government wanted to take over the American people with weapons, as in America against the "Red Coats", we would have no chance to win.
    Our safety has changed to protecting ourselves against criminals.
    Now, the methods with which Government want to disarm its people is to pass laws against different kinds of guns, bit by bit.
    This is for the wife whose husband was injured in the Kennedy assasination,the wife of the man who was killed in a subway car, and also the situations of individuals killing people in schools and such: These are people, for the most part, who had guns illegally, stole guns, or bought guns illegally. Yes, there is a lot of loopholes that allow guns to be bought with no consideration of who buys them and if they are going to Mexico criminals and such.
    The anti-gun people need to quit trying to take guns away from The People. Look what happened in England and Australia - first Registration of even antiques, and then confication of even antiques and rifles.

  39. Back in the late 40's my brother and I were deer hunting. Got bored and took a break. While standing around, brother Dick spotted a salt block which must have been at least 300 yards down the hill. Betted me he could hit it with his 20 ga slug. He aimed way over it and finally touched it off. Seemed like 5 seconds later the block broke in several pieces. I was amazed and still am.

  40. When I was about 10 or 11 my Dad both my brother and I Springfield bolt action single shot .22 rifles.

    " Don't take them out and be handling them or playing with them he says. " They are not toys! I will be taking you out with them." Dad had told us.
    Well I was a lil overanxious and took the gun out one day while he was at work.Took the gun up into the pasture behind our house and when I saw the Hawks circling I aimed and fired. Down came the hawk. AND RIGHT BEHIND ME STOOD DAD!

    WELL... Y'all know the circumstances after that. Dad called whoever was doing game warden work then because the Hawk had a white head.YEP! You guessed it and I was in a lot of trouble.
    One month of doing community service and Dad locked the rifle up.

    I learned a VERY valueble lesson that day and the talking to I got when we was in court,by the judge,taught me about being a responsibe person and hunter.
    To this day I have the rifle and will always remember the lesson I was taught.

  41. It was dusk of the seventh day and he still hadn’t been seen. Our orders were to evacuate. Nevertheless, we were given some discretion in the field. We decided to wait three more days which was the absolute maximum we could delay and still anticipate being extracted out. The evening of the eighth day, our victim appeared on the veranda. We each confirmed it was him. It was raining. Mike and Carlos marked their target. Mike distinctly whispered, “Go.” Two fingers squeezed two triggers. The target collapsed.

    We made it to the mountains and Laos without a problem. Back at camp, we were debriefed by the same three Black Sword officials. They verified that the victim was dead. To this day, I don’t know who he was, but our mission had been a success. Two nights later I was once again parachuting into Vietnam.

    From The Black Sword: The Secret U.S. Army in Vietnam, Donald L. Vance, Gunslinger Publications L.C., Tucson, Arizona, © 2008, pages 77-78

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  43. So there we were, zeroing our weapons at what Camp Taji calls a "range".

    Although I don't like 5.56mm as a combat round I DO like to hit what Iaim at and my little well-used M4 was driving nails for me that day.

    Next to me was an M240 "familiarization" course where two M240 machine guns were set up on tripods with lines of soldiers standing behind each one.

    I noticed that all the warriors were doing were taking about 100 rnds each and simply firing at 2 cardboard cut-outs more for jollies than for instruction. Our range NCOs were dropping the ball a little.

    So I walked over and gave a quick class on "mutually supportive fields of fire" attained by "talking machine guns"-basically a tactic where 2 automatic positions alternate their 5 rnd bursts so that there is a steady stream of fire on the enemy.

    But the kids, God bless them, didn't pick it up right away which forced me to get on one of the weapons. I did so with GREAT hesitation. I mean, who wants to fire a .30 caliber machine gun?

    Well the young fire-pisser next to me DID know what I was talking about and we started playing such music that the kids behind us were yelling "YEAH!" "HOO-AH!"

    My 240 was sighted right on the $ and, within a few minutes I had cut my cardboard silhouette in half. I still had some rounds left but the tripod had a T&E that only allowed for incremental adjustments so I took my finger off the trigger and wrenched the whole tripod to the side and finished my last rounds with both of us pouring tracers into a single target. Not much left after that.

    It was a good day at the range.