Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Defend the Homestead

I think I'm pretty prepared but a recent power outage combined with a gang shooting not far from the house had me thinking. I had access to my Berretta M9 with 15 loaded and 2 back up mags with 15 each. But my Mini 14 and AR 15 were not battle ready. So give me your thoughts on loaded mags, sheltering in place during a power outage, food and water storage. Let's talk survival. Is 50 rounds ready to fire enough? How much water do you store (25 gallons for me)?


  1. Mike at Human EventsJune 25, 2009 at 10:25 AM

    Congrations to C. Wayne Lammers for his story and he wins the Free Book!

    So let's talk survival; rations, water, guns, ammo & gear.

  2. 25 gallons of fresh water is good, but I was thinking more long term, so I hired a well driller to come in and install a hand pump and a secondary well tested and suitable for drinking. It was expensive, but now I know for sure I'll always have unlimited, safe drinking water, even without electricity.

    As for how much ammo? Let's just say that no one ever comes out of a gun fight saying "Gosh, I sure I'd had less bullets!"

    Just my opinion.

    Skip Coryell

  3. The old age old question about how many guns are enough? Ans., one more. Certainly applies to ammo. A gun without ammo is nothing more than a club. You should have enough ammo to saturare all your available storage space. Keeping in mind, you need to use some of it for practice with each of your weapons, and then you need to replace it. A couple of other things, ammo is subject to heat, especially fire, and humidity, and it's also heavy. So be careful where you stow it.

    George Van Teslaar

  4. Well, Obama said hewouldn't take your guns now,didn't he? I work for a major outdoor sports firm and can tell you he's been the best gun salesman since Bill Clinton. The big problem is,no ammo or reloading supplies. I'm 65 and have never seen anything like it in my lifetime. Obama did say we must disarm and since he's moved with such swiftness on his agendas,it's no surprise that public disarmament is on schedule. I have so many customers that ask,"What's going on"? The answer lies in history. Every Socialist who assumes dictatorial powers moves with swiftness of takeover. Disarmament is priority one. This is the "CHANGE". Voters were warned by the NRA and every conservative source of information that to put this imposter into office would mean the loss of freedom as we know it. I can always tell which gun owners voted Obama because they always ask,"What's going on"? You've been had!! That's what's going on!! Blaming the hoarders doesn't work with me. They're just smart, that's all.
    Don't you wish you had Bush back now???

    Palin 2012,NRA member and gun owner!

  5. Eddie G. Good points. Other than the Bush thing. Unfortunately what this looks like from an investigational stand point is a bait and switch over the last three administrations. Look at the affect on the population over the last 16 years. Systematically we as Americans have been divided and conquered systematically, always posing one party against another crushing every form of resistance that could sway power from the ruling class of power brokers. I'd have to say I dont want Bush back, or Clinton, Nor do I want Obama in office. I want a good old, whore screwing, whiskey drinking, mans man, a man of common sense, and a man of his word, like Charlie Wilson, running the country. Thats what I want.

    That said, anything is better than nothing whether its ammo, gear, water, or food. At this point I'd say wells, and water filtration gear are a must have above anything else. Without water we're gone in two to three days. If you are in a highly populated or crime rich environment I would make an exit route and evasion plan incase things ever get too hot to safely live in. That includes go bags with a change of clothes, water, first aid, ammo, mags, flashlight, compass, maps, some food (jerky/MRE etc) contact info and directions to safe houses away from thick populated zones.

  6. You can never have to much of anything during an emergence.Short wave and c.b.radios,first aide supplies,Alota hope and a good prayer.

  7. The EPA farce and the Obama buytouts and buy ins is sure sign that Government will be in our front doors with immediacy. Will the CAL Guard and the Army fight for this little turd Obama? I do not know but I do not wish to be on the receiving end of a M249 or a vulcan cannon - Neither do I care to fire upon my own brothers in arms - but I will if I have to. The water heater in everyones house acts a good source of water for cooking and drinking. Water is 8 pounds per gallon! If you think ammunition is heavy, try water! I carry three canteens on my pistol belt and seveal bandoliers, a side arm, an alice pack with butt pack adn plenty room for food and snipers veil. Someone else carries the medical kit and maps watches are on each person. Meeting points and safe points must be arranged in collaboration with others such as you and me but in dire secrecy. Autos should be kept Fueled as close to full at all times. Women if they do not already have range time, must begin to practice ASAP. In November 2008, as I politicked for our side, I had the strange sensation of how it must have been like for our countrymen who fought in the Civil War -- Its bitter and there was an ocean of blood but it was over as those with an eye on Liberty and Freedom perservered.
    I am 1LT Los

  8. I'm with the gent who said he didn't want to fire on brothers in arms, "friendlies"... Neither do I, not one bit, but maybe its more like the Matrix movie, if any of you has seen that; if they're in the system and inured in that system, they are still part of the current problem and cease to be friendlies/brothers. Following orders only really goes so far and oaths to defend the constitution/nation (they actually are synonymous) against all enemies, foreign and domestic, needs to supersede and rule out even if it overrides the chain of command. I know how this sounds, but words have power as do the oaths we take. In this case its not mutiny, it is true patriotism to go against treasonous orders.

  9. We need our firearms just as much if not more now than we did in 1776. With a government that turns loose upon society even some of the most dangerous and vicious criminals after they have served their sentences, we must be able to protect our homes and families not matter what location we may be in, home, car, camping, shopping, wherever. We are surrounded by criminals. Look at your state's report on the location of sex offenders and you will find them scattered all about your own neighborhood. Did you know that? And if they're all around you what other kinds of criminals are nearby also?
    In Colonial days many of those running around freely comitting crime after crime would have been executed long ago. Now it is our responsibility to be able to protect ourselves and our families because our government can't and won't. We cannot allow our Second Amendment rights to be eliminated as is the goal of many in our government today.

  10. Google "Emergency Preparedness" and you will find all sorts of suggestions for amounts of food and water to store per person per day. As for ammo, get all you can afford. The rush is dying down and powder and primers are once again on the shelves.

  11. I'll bet some folks in Iran wished they had a 2d amendment right now. Let's make sure we don't end up like they are.
    I have 300-400 rounds for each of seven guns, and am working on getting to 1k for each. Ammo is getting hard to find, and $$$, but if you pick up 100 rounds or so a week, it adds up.
    Priorities are a little different living in the City. I worry more about the growing presence of gangs, including the ACORN brownshirts, than about police/military. If a tank rolls down the street, my 870 isn't going to do much. But nothing says stop to an intruder like racking a round with that thing.

  12. Is Obama a born USA citizen since he never showed an origional birth certificate.

  13. He is an imposter, and incompetent! A revolution is fast becoming and almost neccessity.

  14. In January I started preparing for what I fear is the coming Civil War. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast, so I approached it as Hurricane Preperations (last year Ike hit us very hard in the Houston area). I have a large family in the area and many of them thought I had gone off the deep end when I started to buy supplies. Basically, I bought a 9Kw generator, Go-packs and MREs for 6 months, no-battery- needed flashlights and radios, 2 window mount a/c units, a 330 gallon gasoline tote and a handfull of 3 day emergency responder type packs for rural survival. As far as firearms, I already owned about 30 of various types. I recently purchased Rock River Arms rifles in .223 and 6.8, an ELk River AK 47, a .338 Lapua and 2 each backups for my H&K USP 9mm, .40 and .45, respectively. I already owned 6 Benelli 12 gauge Super 90s in M1 and M3 configurations. When it came to ammo, I purchased a minimim of 1500 rounds of premium, hollow-point, ammo for all semi-auto and revolver pistols along with at least 500 rounds of target ammo in each caliber to keep in practice. I have 3000 rounds of .223 and 7.62X39. I have 500 rounds each of 12 gauge slugs and 00 and 000 buckshot. I have a minimum of 200 rounds for each of my deer rifle calibers of 22-250, 25-06, 30-06, 300 Win & 300 UltraMag. I have most of the premium ammo in a gun safe with about 20 plastic ammo cans (from Cabelas, Cheaper Than Dirt, etc) each stocked with practice and premium ammo in all calibers and distributed to brothers and sisters, Mom and nieces and nephews homes so that a fire or knock in the middle of the night could not put everything at risk. I also moved some firearms to Moms house, which is the Family rally point in case of any emergency; even had her plinking cans with the ARs and AK/SKSs and double tapping with the H&Ks (shes 73). I now have at least 10 magazines for each black gun and all H&Ks. The last thing I need to accomplish is to fill the 330 gallon tote with gasoline to be trully prepared for anything (well, still working on a pre1975 vehicle in case EMP is the threat that shows up...)

  15. Why would the "leadership" of our country push to disarm its citizens? Lawful gun owners are the only ones that are registered and accessible to our govenment. The criminals will not surrender their weapons and they are not in the goverment database. We are vulnerable to the criminals and a dictatorial government. The founding fathers had enough sense and insight to recognize that a disarmed citizenship is at the mercey of the government and the criminals.
    Our current genration has been dumbed down and denied the real history of how dictators take over a country. We only need to read the history of Germany in the Hitler era, Italy in the Musillini era, Japan in the Hirohito era, Russia in the Stalin era to understand what is happening in this country today.

    The anwser is in the ballot box. Clean house in 2010. Remove any vestage of socialist power from the House and Senate. Get involved and let your voice be heard. God knows the propaganda machine of the Media will not tell the truth about what is happening.
    Last, but not least, make the necessary preparations for survival and family connections in the event of a major emergency.

    As free law abiding citizens we can withstand the tyranny of the despots by forming a common union and standing up for our constitutional rights.

    God Bless America:


  16. I live in a Los Angeles suburb , not far enough to suit me from the riots of a few years ago . I have long and short guns and about 5K rounds of ammo for them . I also have 60 gals of water in fungus-free poly barrels , which , at 2 quarts per person per day gets me and my close ones thru about a month . I have food and cooking to last the same . After that , my pickup is fully self-sustaining and fueled for about 500 miles ; get up into the woods . Keep some kind of negotiable metal on hand for gas or black market purchases . Check USAemergencysupplies.com for excellent emergency stores . I have the equivalent of 2500 eggs , powdered , an excellent source of protein. Keep your powder dry . Good luck to us all .

  17. SORRY....CORRECTION TO MY LAST . That website address should be www.usaemergencysupply.com

  18. Hey. Good comments all. Anonymous that has the arsenal mirrors about what I have,but it will do us no good if the "no knock" comes and they can find it.

    I keep one long rifle and one pistol where I can get to them (and they could be found pretty easy, but they are safe from my two grand daughters little fingers)so if I'm raided those weapons would be taken. Those weapons are registered and legal.

    The rest of my stash is hidden so well that it would be an accident if they were ever found.

    But one thing has been really bothering me for years. I live just about a half mile off of a main hgy only ten miles out of town. Very visible. But that is about to change. I'm moving out into the boonies and without a helicopter it will be almost impossible to find where we are going to live.

    This was by design. I've been looking for a place to move my brood to for years. Finally I found the place (that I could afford, owner financed) and was livable as well as- well hidden.

    I'm also lucky to have a bunch of friends all over the state that have not only kept in touch but have formed "The Group". Unlike me, several of my friends have loads of money and assets and have together with the rest of us modified, built and stocked a Redoubt that by chance alone is not that far from my new home.

    Everyone here has brought up great ideas and points in survival and preparedness. I only have one other:

    If you live in a town or city or the suburbs of same, you need to get out. The gangs and liberals will not have a damn thing beyond what they can steal and take away from those that do, and short of having a bunch of shooters and a well defended place to fight from, you will be overrun and they will have no mercy on you or your family.

    They can always burn you out.

    The trick is not to be able to be found. Even if you have a place in the country, you need a hidey hole with all of your supplies and weapons as a place that hopefully you will not be found but if you are...that you can defend.

    Like I said I have a large root cellar that has real possibilites at the new (actually a very old homestead-circa 1940s)that I am moving to.

    A few other things. If you buy a generator, get a multi-fuel one. Buy and install fuel tanks that can be hidden underground. If you buy ammo, buy airtight containers for them and put desiccant bags or bags of open rice in them to absorb moisture. Of course, clean and apply a light coat of good anti-rust lube on them as you put them in the containers.

    Also stored water will go bad. Be sure and treat the water to protect it as well as rotating it and do the same with food so as to not have any really old supplies. That is another advantage of living out in the country. You can grow your own food. Seeds need to be stored in the same manner as ammo (without the oil of course). Have a large supply of canning supplies and salt and other items that you can determine you need from the internet. Just as an example go to: http://tinyurl.com/m4wyr3 to see how to can veggies and such. Just be sure an print all this info out, because you might not have internet.

    I could go on for hours talking about this subject but I will leave it here for now.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas (soon to be Central Texas)

  19. Sorry meant to post this link also, it is a wealth of information and articles that will get you thinking.

    Main website: http://www.backwoodshome.com/index.html

    Be sure and read this article there:


    Buy More Ammo.

    Papa Ray

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