Monday, April 13, 2009

Talk'n Turkey

Let’s talk turkey. It’s Spring Gobbler season. What advice do you have for first time hunters? Is a .22 Hornet too much gun? What pellet size works best in your shotgun for Toms? Ground blind or tree stand? Got any turkey cleaning tips?


  1. I'm off to hunt Saturday morning here in Virginia. It will be a warm sunny day. What advice do you have?

  2. Do not use a .22 Hornet! It is too destructive of flesh! No. 4 shot will work fine.

  3. You can buy Turkey shot at your favorite Wal-Mart, .22 is ok if you are a good shot at the head only. It really depends on your firearm, guage and the choke.

  4. I hate to say anything negative about any sort or style of hunting because all groups and interest need to stick together for the overall sake of the sport, BUT, I despise the use of Turkey Decoys. It has made the most challenging and exciting type of hunting (in my opinion) far too easy. Its like parading a naked blonde in front of a 18-year old guy. Any chucklehead can go out and become an instant turkey shooter using decoys. They make for good video but they really cheapen the sport. It was a dark day when the State of Alabama finally relented to the demands of Wanna-Be-Turkey-Hunters and Decoy and Video companies and started allowing them. If you really want to become a good turkey hunter, leave the decoys at home. Use your skills, not your naked blonde.

  5. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania where I hunted Turkey and Grouse. A few years ago I moved to Texas where they bait turkey and deer with corn. I couldn't believe it !! In PA that would get you a jail sentence.

    Real hunters use their skill, not bait or decoys.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    If you have only THREE choices of guns to own they should be:

    A short-barreled, with extended tube 12ga pump and the choice of 00 buck and slugs to fit;

    A Ruger 10/22 or .22 caliber pistol for range practice (inexpensive; so far; to shoot); and

    A high end 9mm semi-automatic with hollow-points or if your hands are big enough to handle it, an accurrized Colt .45 caliber semi-automatic.

    Perhaps some cosmoline and wrap to hide em if confiscation begins.

  7. I like the duplex shot which mixes 4's and 6's or just # 5.

    By far and away the best way to clean a turkey is to make your son do it. (I'd rather clean 3 deer than one Turkey)

    By the way, sure seems like a lotta folks are always doggin on Texas and how we hunt but they seem to keep moving down here. Funny thing.

    Maybe when enough "real men" move down they will start changing laws and messing things up. By the way, did y'all know the Texas legislature is considering a law to make it legal (and promote)hunting pigs from a helicopter? (Yes, the Pork Chopper Law) How's that strke you? (All in good fun guys we gotta stick together.)